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Are you ready to say good-bye to bloating, gut pain and irregular bowels?

Bianca and Kelsey are NZ registered, Monash FODMAP trained Dietitians, and have developed a 5 step course to master your IBS freedom – a fully comprehensive online program for anyone wanting to claim their life back from IBS.

Are you experiencing...

  • Bloating?
  • Gut pain?
  • Constipation and/or diarrhoea and all the inbetweens?
  • Poor digestion?
  • Low energy and brain fog?
  • Confusion around what to eat?
  • Fear of eating in social situations?

Over the 6 months you will gain...

  • Confidence in mastering the low FODMAP diet
  • Control of your gut symptoms with managed bloating, gut pain and regular bowel motions
  • The tools to create stress-free and flavourful, low FODMAP meals
  • Knowledge and understanding of your IBS triggers and tools to manage these long-term
  • Food freedom and improved relationship with food
  • Long lasting results so you can enjoy life again! 

Online Course consists of:

Module 1:

Laying down the foundations

  • Introduction to IBS
  • Guest speaker psychologist discussing the gut-brain connection
  • First steps towards IBS management: managing food and lifestyle triggers

Module 2:

Phase 1 of Low FODMAP diet: Eliminating FODMAPs

  • Everything you need to know about mastering the low FODMAP diet e.g. recipe modification, guidance with what to eat and foods to avoid.

Module 3:

Phase 2 of Low FODMAP diet: Re-Challenging FODMAPs

  • Step-by-step guide to re-challenging FODMAPs

Module 4:

Phase 3 of Low FODMAP diet: Your Personalised Low FODMAP diet

  • Increasing variety of food and normalising your food again

Module 5:

Beyond the low FODMAP diet

  • Key steps to managing IBS long term
  • Food and lifestyle techniques to maintaining optimal gut health

The Course also Includes:

  • Downloadable resources and/or interactive activities
  • Access to private Facebook IBS Support Group
  • Option to add on group support
  • Option to add on private dietitian consults

Only $450 or 4 interest free payments of $112.50 with afterpay

Course Preview

Still not sure if this course is the right option for you?

Book in for a FREE discovery call today with one of our friendly Dietitians and we can discuss whether or not this course is right for you.

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