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Are you ready to Master your IBS Freedom?

Bianca and Kelsey are NZ registered, Monash FODMAP trained Dietitians, and have developed the ‘5 steps to Mastering IBS Freedom’ – a fully comprehensive online program for anyone wanting to claim their life back from IBS.

5 Steps to Mastering IBS Freedom!

You will gain 6-months access to our online course which will guide you step-by-step through the 3-phase low FODMAP diet for long-term results! 

This course is for you if you want: 
  • Confidence in mastering the low FODMAP diet
  • To feel in control of your gut symptoms with managed bloating, gut pain and regular bowel motions
  • To take the stress out of cooking and create delicious, flavourful, low FODMAP meals
  • Knowledge and understanding of your IBS triggers and tools to manage these long-term
  • Food freedom and improved relationship with food
  • Long lasting results so you can enjoy life again! 

Online Course consists of:

Module 1:

Laying down the foundations

  • Introduction to IBS
  • Guest speaker psychologist discussing the gut-brain connection
  • First steps towards IBS management: managing food and lifestyle triggers

Module 2:

Phase 1 of Low FODMAP diet: Eliminating FODMAPs

  • Everything you need to know about mastering the low FODMAP diet e.g. recipe modification, guidance with what to eat and foods to avoid.

Module 3:

Phase 2 of Low FODMAP diet: Re-Challenging FODMAPs

  • Step-by-step guide to re-challenging FODMAPs

Module 4:

Phase 3 of Low FODMAP diet: Your Personalised Low FODMAP diet

  • Increasing variety of food and normalising your food again

Module 5:

Beyond the low FODMAP diet

  • Key steps to managing IBS long term
  • Food and lifestyle techniques to maintaining optimal gut health

The Course also Includes:

  • Downloadable resources and/or interactive activities
  • Access to private Facebook IBS Support Group
  • Option to add on group support
  • Option to add on private dietitian consults

Course Preview

Still not sure if this course is the right option for you?

Contact us using the form below and one of our friendly Dietitians will be in touch to discuss if this course is what you are after.

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