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Who we are and what we do

About us and our values, offering transparency and quality health & nutrition with convenience.

Founders Bianca and Kelsey are both dietitians with over 7 years experience in the nutrition space and are both passionate about all things gut health. Bianca is a gut health specialist Monash accredited dietitian. Kelsey is an expert in gut health, food allergies and intolerances, understanding the issues on a deeper level as she also suffers from IBS and multiple food allergies and intolerances herself. Once Kelsey started working with a dietitian she was able to identify which foods were problematic. Now looking back she couldn’t believe how much of a toll her gut issues were having on her life.

After working with IBS clients for a number of years and Kelsey’s personal experience, both Bianca and Kelsey realised a need to provide Kiwis with easy, delicious and nutritious low FODMAP, convenience food products.

Our mission is to provide New Zealander’s, nation-wide with access to convenient low FODMAP foods. We want to remove the guesswork and stress for all New Zealanders on the low FODMAP diet or for any kiwi experiencing gut issues.

Founders, Kelsey and Bianca.

Our values:

The Friendly Food Co is not only friendly on your gut but also friendly on the environment too! We use glass jars because they are reusable and multi-purposeful. We are currently working on designing refills for your glass jars in compostable packaging. Glass jars also maintain the quality of our spices, meaning longer shelf life. Win win!

We want to build a reliable platform where all individuals can seek trustworthy IBS related information. We strive to educate New Zealanders around gut health, only posting evidence based nutrition advice and cutting through all the gut health myths and BS!

As dietitians, we strongly believe in you being the healthiest version of yourself through adequate nutrition. Our website has recipes that are nutritionally balanced and guaranteed low FODMAP.

    • Health encompases more than just nourishment. We believe in giving you the confidence to take back control in your daily life and say goodbye to letting your IBS control you!
    • Healthy mind: eating shouldn’t be stressful! We help to bring the joy back into eating and cooking by providing easy, gut friendly food options and quick and easy recipes.
    • Healthy social life: because you can now socialise without having to constantly worry about where the closest bathroom is.
    • Healthy confidence: Say goodbye to being caught off guard in sticky situations! And did I mention, say goodbye to the bloat!

We want to make achieving good gut health as easy as possible. The Friendly Food Co products are designed to make sticking to the low FODMAP diet a whole lot easier. We also understand how busy life is and who has time to stand in the kitchen cooking for hours on end? We want cooking to be simple, easy and enjoyable. So you have time to think about the things in life that matter!

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