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Low FODMAP Food Swaps for a Bloat Free Christmas Feast

Christmas is fast approaching and and for those with dietary restrictions, this season often stirs up a mix of emotions – from nostalgia and joy to jealousy, anxiety and fear. The looming question is always “what am I going to be able to eat?”


Fear not, as Kelsey has compiled a list of low FODMAP swaps to ensure you and your family can relish the Christmas feast without resorting to a repetitive salad and meat routine.

Turkey Stuffing

Skip the onion and opt for fresh herbs, garlic shoots (up to 6 tbsp per meal), and spices for flavor. Swap onion and garlic with garlic-infused olive oil and look for garlic and onion free sausages to add to the stuffing. Use sourdough or gluten-free bread for breadcrumbs.

Ham Glaze

Substitute honey with low FODMAP options like maple syrup or freshly squeezed orange juice with brown or white sugar. Note: brown sugar will provide more of a caramelised flavour. 


Typically a 50/50 mix of yoghurt and whipped cream makes for a delicious Ambrosia – this is my FAVOURITE Christmas dessert. To make this low FODMAP, use Greek yoghurt. The processing method with Greek yoghurt, results in a reduced lactose content compared to normal yoghurt. A lactose free yoghurt would also work well. Whipped cream is low FODMAP at 1/2 cup serve per meal. If you choose a lower lactose yoghurt, normal cow’s cream should be tolerated. 

Alternatively, come prepared with lacteze enzymes to avoid any tummy troubles from dairy-based desserts. 


Deconstructed salads allow you to enjoy various components without worrying about FODMAP content. You can add exactly what you like to your plate without the fuss. This really is as simple as having all of the components in separate dishes and the sauce on the side. 

If the dressing has onion or garlic in it, FODZYME can be really helpful. Sprinkle it over the dressing and it will breakdown the FODMAPs before you eat the meal. This means you can enjoy the salad without missing out on flavour.


For those sensitive to fructose, avoid fruit juices such as orange juice, apple juice and tomato juice. Limit cabonated beverages such as sparkling wine, beer and cider as these are likely to increase bloating. 

Water is always best, but if you are going to drink alcohol, I recommend reaching for spirits such as vodka or gin with lemon, lime, orange and soda water or tonic water as an alternative. Most wines are also low FODMAP at one standard drink. If you would like more details on low FODMAP alcohol options, check out our blog post here.


Remember, Christmas is about coming together with loved ones. Worry will only increase the likelihood of a flare up. So, be present, enjoy the company, and give yourself permission to savor foods you might not usually indulge in.

Meri Kirihimete whanau xx

Published: 15th December 2023

Author: Kelsey Paterson, Monash FODMAP trained Dietitian

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